Thursday, March 13, 2008

Learning Conferences

Tonight I met with both parents and pupils to discuss the pupils' progress. I was delighted that many parents reported that their children had been talking more about the work they are doing at school and the learning taking place.

It struck me that our focus on writing learning reflections on the school blog site could be related to pupils sharing the school experience at home.

Could it be that the articles that have been written on the website helps to

  • focus children's understanding of what they have been learning, whether they have written the article or not.
  • remind them of the activities that they have been engaged in.
  • informs them about what their children are learning and therefore could be the basis of developing a conversation beyond the usual 'What did you do at school?' to 'Can you tell me what your creative story was about today?'

It's not at all clear at this stage that there is a link between the blogging work and pupils sharing work more readily at home, but it's something that several parents mentioned this evening.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you've managed to solve the problem I'm having. I have yet to post a picture from my iphone directly to my blog. Each post results in an empty link. Blogger list it as a bug with the iphone, saying don't put any text after the picture - however, I have a feeling Yahoo do that anyway, hence to problem!
Interesting you work in Essex - as do I!!!

Jonathan Furness said...

Hi Duncan,

How about creating a gmail account with Google and setting up your iPhone to send mail through gmail?

When I post images to this site, I write the text above the picture.

Where do you work, Duncan?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan,

I think your idea could well work. The only problem is Gmail is not push email friendly while Yahoo is. Another slight problem is the second I created a Gmail account I was overrun with junk mail – I have it filtered out but it’s just a pain and I could well miss stuff because of the filters.

I work in Hutton, at Willowbrook Primary School. I found your blog while trying to find a solution to the blogger fault. Interesting to see that you know Stephen Heppell. I went to Anglia while he was there and am about to work with him on a new build project at my school. The clip of you all sailing looks fantastic fun – never tried it myself. I liked the way you were all sat on the deck chilled out and then suddenly all jumped up to race around the boat and work at your various jobs.

Thanks for your help though, I shall have a ponder and give it a try, also may look into twitter because I may be able to link that into my blog and send straight into there,