Saturday, March 08, 2008

District Scout Night Hike

Team 4 from 3rd Billericay, Orion Troop before they set off on the District Night Hike. The scouts were issued with local maps and a route card, which they subsequently used to plot the route. The route took us from Runwell Scout HQ, to the village of Ramsden Heath, passing through Downham before heading back to the HQ at just after 11:00pm.

Being a clear night, we were able to use the stars to navigate for much of the hike, using the compass only to find footpaths which weren't easily identifiable.

Here are the results from the District Night Hike.

1st Team 4 (3rd Billericay) - 1150 points
2nd Team 1 (5th Billericay) - 1100 points
= Team 2 (2nd Wickford) - 1100 points
4th Team 10 (1st Ramsden) - 1000 points
5th Team 3 (3rd Billericay) - 950 points
6th Team 12 (1st Runwell) - 900 points
7th Team 7 (Columbus Explorers) - 850 points
= Team 5 (1st Wickford) - 850 points
9th Team 6 (4th Wickford) - 700 points
10th Team 9 (1st Runwell) - 650 points
= Team 8 (Columbus Explorers) - 650 points

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